Meet Mandy Esthetician


Get to know the beauty behind the brand at Mandy Mink Lashes & More.  

Hey Beauties! 

Life can get crazy, but guess what? You CAN conquer it all while looking absolutely stunning! I'm Mandy, your go-to lash expert and proud owner of Mandy's Mink Lashes & More, right here in Tampa Bay.

My first set of mink lash extensions changed the game! It was like going from zero to full glam in no time, with no clumpy mascara or fussing with lash strips. I had to share my lash revolution with fellow queens, which led me to become a lash artist. 

I love being a lash esthetician. Boosting confidence, shortening makeup routines, and reclaiming precious morning minutes. It feeds my soul, but I want to make a bigger impact than time allows as a lash artist.

Since launching Mandy Mink Lashes and More, I've grown from a solopreneur to a Salon owner. Now, I lead a team of beauty pros who help Tampa Bay look and feel like royalty.

I also started teaching aspiring lash artists how to succeed in the lash and beauty industry. Empowering them with the knowledge, products, and tools to chase their dreams, lights me up.

My mission is simple: I'm here to help you level up your lash game. Whether a lash lover or a lash artist, Mandy Mink Lashes and More will help you conquer life with confidence.

Level-Up Your Lash Game